Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base

Previously, I had purchased Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base from 99 Ranch for $4.99 per package. Not an unreasonably price. It worked better the second time with shabu shabu meat from a Japanese supermarket than my first attempt with 99 Ranch’s frozen stuff.

On a return visit to 99 Ranch for more soup base, Little Sheep was no more. The store had sold out. Fortunately, I had noticed that the Little Sheep Soup Base package listed as the distributor. So, with nothing to lose, I gave them a try. I ended up picking 10 packages of Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base for $3.99 per package. Shipping set me back another $5.92, for a total of $45.82. However, that’s still about 8% cheaper than buying for $4.99 per package at 99 Ranch. Good deal.

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