Little Sheep Shabu Shabu

Last night, I used my remaining package of Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base. However, instead of using the pre-cut beef and lamb from 99 Ranch, I tried the shabu shabu meats from Mitsuwa Marketplace. From their shabu shabu selection, I picked up one package of each cut of beef:

  • Angus Chuck Roll @ $8.99/lb
  • Washugyu Chuck Roll @ $22.99/lb
  • Australia Beef Chuck @ $15.99/lb
  • Prime Rib Eye @ $21.99/lb.

Mitsuwa also offered a plate of imported Japanese wagyu beef for about $75 a pound. I skipped that one, but did pick up a tray of shabu shabu pork.

The Angus chuck roll was tender, but a bit thick. I liked the thinner cut prime rib eye and the washugyu chuck roll better. However, for some reason, the meats were not absorbing the flavor of the broth the same way they do at the restaurant. Maybe, one package of soup mix is not enough for a dinner and I should have refilled the hot pot with additional broth instead of diluting it with water. Next time, I will have to prepare two packages of Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base.

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