Bay Area Discovery Museum

Located across the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Area Discovery Museum offers an engaging experience for young children. During our visit, the museum offered a Framed: Step Into Art exhibit.


Basically, the exhibit displays a work of art with the usual description of the artist and the work. However, the exhibit also brought the art to life with an accompanying activity based on the art work.


The museums exhibits are distributed through a lot of small buildings, with each having a theme. This building had a wave exhibit, which for most kids, meant an opportunity to play with water.


We did not explore the interactive playground on account of the summer rain.


The mini Golden Gate Bridge is interesting in concept, but there really wasn’t anything to do other than attach plastic panels to it with rivets.


During a break in the rain, we did explore this structure which is great for a game of hide-and-seek. You have to explore Lookout Cove to find this since it’s a bit hidden at the far end of the playground.


I loved the frog instruments. Roll the wooden stick along the frog’s back to make a croaking sound.


Finally, we tracked down the source of all the bubbles.


There is also an art studio where the kids can paint, draw and do other crafts. It’s a great place to take young kids for a few hours.

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