Cathay Pacific EmPower Laptop Charger

Traveling across the Pacific Ocean used to be a grueling experience. However, the long flight can be made more tolerable with an iPhone or an iPad in hand. However, what if you run out of juice half way across the ocean? From the Cathay Pacific website, I thought I needed an EmPower charger, so I ordered a Kensington K38037US Auto/Air Power Inverter with Two USB Ports for Mac or PC. But, once I was aboard the plane, I realized that I had made a mistake because I didn’t need a separate EmPower charger. Right above the EmPower outlet was a standard two-prong outlet. I didn’t need to recharge the iPad for the Trans-Pacific flight, but I was able to recharge the iPhone whenever the battery ran low using the regular wall outlet charger.

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  • Regan Nov 16, 2010 Link

    So my Mac power outlet will plug right into the onboard power source with no adapter needed?

  • Ken Chan Nov 16, 2010 Link

    All the Cathay Pacific planes that I was on had a standard three-prong outlet. No additional adapter required.

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