Melamine Contamination in Infant Milk Powder

Last year, Caroline Smith Dewaal of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees and stated, “We see the pet food recall as a warning sign for the government that they need to do more to protect the food supply. It could easily happen to an ingredient used in human food as well.” Now, 17 months later, the warning sounds more like a prediction.

One incidence of melamine contamination may be an “isolated incident. However, we now have two data points. A trend, perhaps? This time, we don’t have to search for melamine on Google to figure out what it is.

In a prior post on melamine contamination, a reader suggested that I look at Zhou Qing’s What Kind of God: A Survey of the Current Safety of China’s Food. The translated excerpts made my stomach turn. I will never view Chinese food the same way again, and neither will you.

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