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MacBook Pro with Retina Display Unboxing Photos


A MacBook Pro with Retina Display showed up this morning. First, the top cover of the box was removed. The MacBook Pro was wrapped in a transparent protective film. MacBook Pro out of the box. The MacBook Pro sits recessed in its box. Below, Apple carefully stored the power cord and other accessories. The svelte [...]

Chinese Google Maps


Today, I recognized the connection between literacy and computer literacy when I reset the default language on a MacBook Pro to 简体中文. Within the Language & Text settings under System Preferences, a user can select a language for the computer. I had thought that selecting a language other than English would only alter the language [...]

MacBook Pro 8 GB Memory Upgrade


I’ve been using a MacBook Pro (17-inch, Mid 2009) for a few months now. The 4 GB memory that comes standard is usually more than enough if I stick to the Mac side of things: Safari, Firefox, Photoshop, iTunes, iPhoto, Mail, etc. I can open and run as many Mac applications as I want without [...]

MacBook Pro 17 inch 2.8 GHz

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Last week, I picked up a new 17-inch MacBook Pro because the previous one I had caught the black screen flu. Here’s my quick review. Speed. Nothing exciting really happens when moving from 2.4 GHz to 2.8 GHz. Mathematically, the new MacBook Pro has a 16% faster processor, but I cannot perceive the difference. At [...]

MacBook Pro Black Screen


Earlier this week, I tried to summon my MacBook Pro from its slumber. While the MacBook Pro turned on, the screen remained black. No problem. I know that if the MacBook Pro case is closed and I accidently touch the external keyboard or mouse, the computer will sometimes awaken with a black screen. So, I [...]

MacBook Pro Upgrade with Hitachi 500GB Hard Drive


After I purchased Dora the Explorer, Season One from the iTunes Store, I discovered that it was also time to upgrade the hard drive inside the MacBook Pro. With only 4GB free, I decided that I should not wait any longer. There were only so many file that I could delete without regret. So, I [...]