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Finding the Best School

In California, several school districts enjoy a reputation for academic excellence. In Silicon Valley, schools in the Palo Alto and Cupertino school districts consistently score highly on standardized tests. In Orange County, Los Alamitos and Irvine schools carry that distinction. In Los Angeles, Arcadia and Palos Verdes schools rank highly. Other than by word-of-mouth, how can a parent tell whether their child's school is up to par? Or, if you are looking to move, how can you tell whether you are moving into a neighborhood with good schools?

Fortunately, all this information may be found on the Internet. Some sites only provide report cards or test scores for individual schools. Other sites provide district or county level reports which make it easier to compare nearby schools. Another source of information is from the school or school district itself.

If you are considering moving to a school district with only a few good schools, make sure you first review the school district map to see which school your child will be assigned. You may notice that schools on different sides of a street may differ significantly in value. That may be because children from the more expensive house are assigned to a better performing school and children from the less expensive house are assigned to the lesser performing school.

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