MacBook Pro Upgrade with Hitachi 500GB Hard Drive


After I purchased Dora the Explorer, Season One from the iTunes Store, I discovered that it was also time to upgrade the hard drive inside the MacBook Pro. With only 4GB free, I decided that I should not wait any longer. There were only so many file that I could delete without regret. So, I [...]

Google Chrome Has Stopped Working


I’ve been using Chrome, Google’s opening act in the browser market. However, I haven’t abandoned my beloved Mac. Instead, I’m running Chrome inside of VMware Fusion and am loving it. The browser is surprisingly responsive, despite my less than optimal configuration. It hasn’t crashed on me yet, but a Google Chrome has stopped working window [...]

Windows Mojave Sucks. Internet Explorer Help Menu Found


Lately, I’ve seen more than my share of commercials telling me that Windows Mojave (a/k/a Vista) doesn’t suck. But it does. At least the version of Internet Explorer that comes bundled with Windows Vista. My #1 gripe with Internet Explorer 7 is that it breaks all the rules, and not in a good way. For [...]

Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M Scanning Tips


I use the Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M to scan checks before I deposit them at the bank. Later, when I’ve downloaded my transactions into Quicken and want to identify where the money came from, I can pull up the PDF and review all the checks. While the ScanSnap works quite well when scanning documents of the [...]

Bandwidth Throttling is Comcastic


Whenever I have the radio on, I inevitably will hear a Comcast commercial talking about their high-speed broadband services. However, I think they’ve wasted all the money they spent on that commercial because the EFF reported that Comcast interferes with their user traffic. So, the message that I get is that Comcast will charge a [...]

Macintosh Video Thumbnails


I use Apple’s Grab application to take screenshots. Naturally, when I needed to grab a preview frame from a video, I followed my usual workflow: open video, pause video, select frame, grab video window, copy video window, open image editing application, paste, etc. Then, I read this and realized I was doing it all wrong. [...]

Midomi is a Fun iPhone App


Last Thursday, I downloaded several iPhone apps in anticipation of the iPhone 2.0 release. Once iTunes upgraded my iPhone and synced all the apps, I finally had a chance to test some of them. I really like Midomi because it is both fun and free. Just sing a few bars from a song and it [...]

iPhone 2.0: Unknown Error Occurred (-9838)


The mad rush is on. I’ve been clicking on the Check for Update button in iTunes since yesterday in anticipation of the official release of the iPhone 2.0 software. This morning, shortly before 8:00 a.m. PST, iTunes finally changed it tune and stopped telling me that I had the latest version installed. Of course, I [...]

iPhone 3G is Everything That I Wanted…


Last year. If I didn’t already have an iPhone, I would be heading to the Apple store this Friday to grab an iPhone 3G. However, since I already have one, the excitement level isn’t quite there. Of course, that’s what I said last year until I caved in and bought the greatest cell phone ever.The [...]

Negative File Size


I’ve encountered this problem for the first time today. While using Transmit to upload some files, Transmit reported a read error. Transmit then lists the file that I attempted to upload as having a size of -7,686,868,318,640,340,840, if that is possible. The only recent change I made was upgrading to 10.5.4.