iOS 6 Maps


For better or worse, iOS 6 brings a new Maps app. The 3D button offers a cool three-dimensional view of nearby buildings. The feature is much more impressive when browsing around the City. The 3D effect is practically unnoticeable in burbs of Mountain View. I see two big changes in the new Maps app. First, [...]

MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade


I have a MacBook Pro. A 17-inch, Mid 2009 model. I have been staring at the MacBook Pro with Retina Display for some time now. But once it is configured with 16GB of memory and 768GB of flash storage, the price climbs to $3,499, and that model is not in stock…yet. However, I did not [...]

MacBook Pro with Retina Display Unboxing Photos


A MacBook Pro with Retina Display showed up this morning. First, the top cover of the box was removed. The MacBook Pro was wrapped in a transparent protective film. MacBook Pro out of the box. The MacBook Pro sits recessed in its box. Below, Apple carefully stored the power cord and other accessories. The svelte [...]

Siri: Remind Me to Put the Gazpacho on Ice


While Siri is not perfect, I don’t view it as an embarrassment. I do blame Apple for the times when Siri cannot reach Apple’s servers. However, the voice recognition issues are understandable. When some people talk, all I hear is a jumble of words. So, imagine the task Siri faces when trying to understand everyone. [...]

Apple Siri Lawsuit


I am really puzzled by the Siri lawsuit. In my experience, Siri has been an absolutely amazing–and almost magical–product. At first, I just asked Siri stupid questions. Not my fault really since I wasn’t entirely sure how Siri worked. The FAQ for Siri is really no help at all. However, as I’ve slowly figured out [...]

Navigon iPhone GPS App Review

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People living in Silicon Valley are spoiled. With 3G data speeds, I’ve been able to rely on Google Maps for most trips outside the daily commute. However, as the Arizona trip approached, I knew that one lousy data connection and I was going to be lost. With that in mind, I purchased the Navigon GPS [...]

iTunes Full-Screen Panic


I was trying to look up my iTunes purchase history and even arrived at the correct support page. Unfortunately, I could not find the “Purchase History” link to click on. In a bit of frustration, I turned to the reliable keystroke for looking up all sorts of stuff on the Mac. ⌘+F triggers the find [...]

iPhone 4s Impressions


Last Friday, I stopped by the Palo Alto Apple store during my lunch hour for the iPhone 4s launch. I guess everyone else must have ordered the iPhone online because the line out the door was surprisingly short. It reached just barely past the corner. The drink cart and loaner umbrellas kept everyone cool under [...]

Hate the New Facebook?


In Safari, select Safari > Preferences. Click on the Advanced tab, and check the box labeled Show Develop menu in menu bar. Select Develop > User Agent > Safari iOS 4.3.3 – iPad Return to Facebook. Say goodbye to Top Stories Since Your Last Visit, 100+ More Recent Stories, etc. Sorry, ticker is still there [...]

BBEdit 10 Custom Menu Shortcuts


Previously, I mentioned that BBEdit 10 was missing a “Set Key” button to map menu items to a custom hotkey. Well, I heard back from support, and here’s the undocumented trick. Clicking on the empty space to the right where the other hotkeys are listed brings up a field for entering your new custom shortcut. [...]