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Home Price Comparison


If you are thinking about immigrating to the United States or moving within the United States, you are probably aware that housing prices vary from region to region. Fortunately, Coldwell Banker offers a Home Price Comparison Index, which allows you to see what an equivalent house in 4 different regions will cost. First, set the [...]

Bad Loan or Bad Financial Decisions


The Los Angeles Times ran an interesting article today on pay option loans. Essentially, these home loans work just like credit cards in that each month the lender only requires a minimum amount due. This minimum amount though does not even cover the interest due, leading to negative amortization. In other words, by just paying [...]

Real Estate Bubble


After the Internet bubble collapsed, many investors pulled out what money remained in their stock portfolios and tried their hands in real estate investment. The theory goes that unlike stocks, real estate is a real asset — a piece of land or a ranch-style house in the suburbs — which can been seen and touched. [...]

Real Estate Investment

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One of the basic concepts of economics is scarcity. And, one of the scarcest assets is land, especially in the coastal communities of California. Through outsourcing and international trade, we are now able to tap into an international distribution network of manufactured goods. A factory in China can produce more clothes, more shoes, more computers [...]

Megan’s Law


Megan’s Law is named after Megan Kanka, a 7-year-old child who was raped and murdered by a convicted child molester who lived in her neighborhood. At the time, law enforcement officials were prohibited from disclosing the presence of this child molester in the neighborhood. After this incident, the federal and state governments enacted versions of [...]

Location, Location, Location


A home is more than just a place to live. Purchased wisely, a new home offers its owners a path to financial security. For those wise – or fortunate – enough to own some real estate that has appreciated significantly in value, the benefits of homeownership are self-evident. However, if you’re still hunting for your [...]