Separate But Equal Education


Time is reporting that the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office has prosecuted a mother of two children for felony tampering with records for sending them to the suburban Copley-Fairlawn City Schools, instead of her local school district in Akron, Ohio. The mother was using her father’s address to enroll her children. I wonder if the criminal [...]

The Internet is Broken


I love the American Experience series. However, when I was watching the episode on Test Tube Babies, I came across this annoying segment:Part of the documentary is blacked out on the Internet, presumably because WGBH only has the rights to broadcast the NBC historical news clips over certain forms of transmission. 21st century technology crippled [...]

Pump Up the Volume in the Morning


The next time you fill-up, take a look at some of the warning labels affixed to the gasoline pump. I saw the above label recently while purchasing gas from Costco.This device dispenses gasoline solely by volume measured in standard gallons (231 cubic inches). It does not adjust for temperature or other factors which may affect [...]

Proposition 8 and Interracial Marriage


Is Proposition 8 a civil rights issue? The supporters of Proposition 8 would claim otherwise. Allowing blacks and whites to marry is one thing. However, allowing two men or two women to marry is another. Their argument is that the purpose of marriage is to propagate the human race. That’s why allowing gays to marry [...]

Mormons for Traditional Marriage


Somehow, I find it quite ironic that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a/k/a The Mormons) is backing Proposition 8. After all, marriage in the Mormon tradition is not one man and one woman, but one man and many women. And, for Mormons, it doesn’t get any more traditional than Joseph Smith and [...]

Traditional Definition of Marriage


Ron Prentice, the official proponent of Proposition 8, stated that he was “confident that voters will reaffirm the traditional definition of marriage[.]” In California, the traditional definition of marriage reads as follows: No license may be issued authorizing the marriage of a white person with a Negro, mulatto, Mongolian or member of the Malay race. [...]

California Proposition 3 Children’s Hospital Bond Act


Without judging the merits of Proposition 3, I have to wonder about the credibility of its supporters when they state that “PROPOSITION 3 DOES NOT RAISE TAXES.” If the State of California sells $980 million in general obligation bonds for capital improvement projects at children’s hospitals, the money to pay back the bonds must come [...]

California Proposition 8 and Traditional Marriage


With the general election just 3 weeks away, now is as good a time as any to start focusing on all the ballot box issues. In California, Proposition 8, which eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry, is a bit curious. Its supporters claim that “Proposition 8 is about traditional marriage.” Indeed, I saw [...]

Melamine Contaminated Chinese Food Products


Each day, government officials worldwide are announcing that more and more Chinese food products contain melamine. The good news is that someone is testing all the products, obvious or not, for melamine contamination. The Voice of America reported that latest products recalled include Koala brand chestnut and chocolate flavored cookies, Nabisco Ritz cracker cheese sandwiches [...]

Don’t Follow the White Rabbit

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A few days ago, I spotted this post: Tainted Milk in China; No Threat in US. However, that headline is not entirely accurate. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a Health Information Advisory that “there is no known threat of contamination of infant formula manufactured by companies that have met the requirements to sell [...]