In Ratatouille, Remy’s ratatouille dish whisks the critic Anton Ego back to his childhood. I have yet to meet a dish that could summon my memories of childhood, but some children songs come close. For quite some time, I’ve been trying to figure out the lyrics to 当我们都在一起, which I had learned many, many years [...]

Lissy’s Friends by Grace Lin

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I recently finished reading Lissy’s Friends by Grace Lin. Lissy’s Friends is a wonderful children’s book that describes how one Chinese girl handles the awkwardness of being the new kid in school. At first, she has difficulty making friends and turns to her origami animals for companionship. Later, she shares her origami creations with the [...]

Chinese Auto Safety

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New York Times: Ford in Talks to Sell Volvo to Chinese Rival, Report Says. Ford Motor is in talks to sell its Volvo car business to its Chinese partner, Changan Automobile Group, the National Business Daily reported on Tuesday, citing an unnamed source at the Chinese company. OK. The country that gave us melamine milk, [...]

Gasoline Prices


Strangest sight this morning. I had to fill up this morning, so I stopped at a gasoline station before heading to work. So, I took one path that takes me past an intersection with three gasoline stations: ARCO, Shell and Chevron. I was just about to pull into the Shell because it was on the [...]

General Electric


Last month, MSNBC reported that Warren Buffett had invested $3 billion in General Electric preferred shares with a 10 percent dividend. At the time, GE had fallen 42 percent in the past year. Well, since October 1st, GE has fallen almost 48 percent and that dividend (if it doesn’t get cut) is creeping closer and [...]

The Meaning of Gasoline Prices


Five months ago, I had to pay $4.55 per gallon for regular unleaded at the local Valero gasoline station. At the time, gasoline prices were just 10% away from hitting the $5.00 per gallon mark. So, if I was offered a bet on whether gasoline prices would be over $5.00 or under $2.50 in five [...]



New York Times: Crisis Spreads to Tech Sector as Sun to Cut Work Force. Joining a rapidly growing list of technology companies reeling from the financial turmoil, Sun Microsystems, which sells server computers, has started a broad restructuring that could see up to 6,000 employees lose their jobs. I spotted the above article earlier this [...]

Emperor Guangxu Died of Arsenic Poisoning


In Who Murdered China’s Emperor 100 Years Ago?, scientists revealed that Emperor Guangxu died of acute arsenic poisoning. Although Guangxu’s death cleared the way for his famed successor, Puyi, to ascend to the throne, Puyi abdicated three years later.

Mountain View 99 Ranch Market

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The 99 Ranch Market in Mountain View is finally open. I visited the store on Saturday to check it out. This new Asian supermarket is conveniently located on 1350 Grant Road, just off El Camino Real, with easy access to highways 237 and 85. For those people living in Mountain View, Los Altos, and Palo [...]

Proposition 8 and Interracial Marriage


Is Proposition 8 a civil rights issue? The supporters of Proposition 8 would claim otherwise. Allowing blacks and whites to marry is one thing. However, allowing two men or two women to marry is another. Their argument is that the purpose of marriage is to propagate the human race. That’s why allowing gays to marry [...]