Helix Community Science Center, Los Altos, CA

Helix by Exploratorium is a children’s science center located on State Street in Los Altos, CA. In the Bay Area, larger science museums provide more of an all-day experience. In contrast, Helix is a place for local kids to spend an hour or two in an educational environment.

Helix Community Science Center

The center is a two-story facility with hands-on exhibits placed throughout the space. The retail space occupies much of the downstairs, and is a welcome space to find some thoughtful birthday gifts for children.

Helix Retail Store

In the magnet exhibit, learners will learn and players will play. Even younger children can interact with the exhibits without having the master the finer points of magnetism. Just having fun is okay.


Adults can experiment with the spinning table and try to place the perfect object that it will remain spinning in place as the surface rotates.


The center is not large, but is probably just the right size for young elementary school children. Enough to keep their attention, but not too large that their patience will be tested.

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