Mission Peak Regional Preserve

I climbed up to Mission Peak in the Mission Peak Regional Preserve, which is located at the end of a suburban street in Fremont, California. I arrived shortly before 8 a.m. on a weekend and the parking lot was full. In fact, the entire street leading to the preserve was full.

Mission Peak

First off, this was not a hike. From my parking space two blocks away, I had a steady climb up to the entrance of the park. And, as I headed up to the peak, it was an unrelenting uphill march. Not a stretch of flat land where I could relax and catch my breath. I usually get my 10,000 steps in a day so I am not completely out of shape. But, walking up a steady incline is a different beast than walking on level ground, as all the still sore muscles continue to remind me. A bit hazy in the morning, but I did enjoy an aerial view of Fremont.


I couldn’t see Mission Peak until the last 20 minutes of the climb. The entire time, I was just focused on the next turn in the trail. Didn’t take long before the people further down the trail looked like little ants.

Mission Peak

Eventually, you’ll make one more turn and Mission Peak will be right in front.

Mission Peak

Then you wait in line to take a photo with the marker.

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