Eshom Campground, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

While trying to find a campground at Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park on short notice, I came across Eshom Campground, which had a camp site open for reservations. On Google Maps, the campground appears a short drive from Grant Grove. But, in this case, appearances can be deceiving.

On the ReserveAmerica website, the location of the camp was given in GPS coordinates, which I had dutifully entered into the NAVIGON iPhone app before departure. I had fully expected to lose cell phone and possibly data connectivity in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, and thought that I had a back-up in NAVIGON.

So, from Grant Grove, I was presented with two options. ReserveAmerica told me to back track along 180, then take 245 before turning onto Whitaker Forest Drive, which leads to the campground. On the map, this was the roundabout route. On the map, Forest Route 14S75 seems to provide the most direct route. However, (1) it is a dirt road, (2) the path suddenly turns extremely bumpy about half way down, and (3) NAVIGON got confused along the way and kept asking me to make a U-turn along a single path. So, the ReserveAmerica route is the sure thing, while the dirt road option is for the more adventurous, particularly since there is no signage along the way to indicate that you are headed to Eshom Campground.

I was in camp site #16, which was next to an open field. Although there were tall trees surrounding the camp site, I found enough of a clearing to take some night photos.

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  • Patricia Aug 28, 2013 Link

    I am camping at Eshom this weekend and I am not sure which route to take to Grant Grove. Do you recommend taking the roundabout way as you described above? I am driving a Toyota Prius. Would that be okay if I drive on 14S75? Thanks.

  • Ken Chan Aug 28, 2013 Link

    From Grant Grove to Eshom, I had started down 14S75, but lost confidence along the path because of GPS issues. The road is not marked and transitions from paved to dirt with some what deep ruts. It also isn’t a straight path as there are plenty of side roads to lure you astray. Because of the time of day (night was approaching), I reversed course and headed down the 180/245/469 approach. I did not want to get lost on a dirt road in pitch black conditions.

    When I left Eshom in the morning, I took 14S75. I felt the route out was easier to follow. However, there are segments where you will only be traveling about 5 mph because of the poor road conditions. I drove a Toyota Sienna, so it is possible even if you don’t have an SUV.

  • Patricia Aug 28, 2013 Link

    I see. Thank you for the reply! I think I’ll try 14S75 during the day because it seems much shorter! I’ve driven in the rugged roads of Costa Rica before and I hope it’s not as bad as that. Wish me luck =)

  • Patricia Aug 28, 2013 Link

    By the way, where do I check in when I arrived to the campground?

  • Tony Sep 3, 2018 Link

    I don’t recommend to take 14S75. I feel lucky I was not stuck there yesterday. The road is narrow and dirty. It only fits one car barely. super rough with sharpe rock that I was so worried the tires. It looks shorter and direct to the camp but I will take you even longer because of the road condition. Personally I think the road should be closed. I will not take 14S75 again in my life. It was a terrifying experience

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