MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade

I have a MacBook Pro. A 17-inch, Mid 2009 model. I have been staring at the MacBook Pro with Retina Display for some time now. But once it is configured with 16GB of memory and 768GB of flash storage, the price climbs to $3,499, and that model is not in stock…yet.

However, I did not have time to wait because the drive inside my vintage MacBook Pro has been feeling stuffed. All it took was a session with a borrowed Nikon LS-4000 to scan whatever negatives I still had on hand to deliver me to perilous ground. 10GB, 5GB, 1GB and then the warnings start popping up about the need for space on the system disk.

Fortunately, Other World Computing had a 960GB SSD available. Now, the MacBook Pro has room to breathe again with more space than the maxed out Retina Display model.

All it took was 2:42 hours to transfer close to 480GB of data from the old SSD to the new one via Firewire 800, thanks to SuperDuper!

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