Sweetwood Group Camp at Half Moon Bay State Beach

We went camping a few weeks ago at the Sweetwood Group Camp site in Half Moon Bay State Beach. Reserve America rated Sweetwood as primitive, which certain gave me some pause. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. As it turned out, we were far from being consigned to the Stone Age at this camp site.

Sweetwood Group Camp offers a fire pit, picnic benches, running water, and toilets (of the non-flush variety). These amenities are more than adequate for a short weekend outing. The camp site is far from remote, so if you require anything, a number of stores and restaurants are but a short drive away.

At night, the stars are visible. However, even though I was along the relatively undeveloped coast, there was quite a bit of light pollution. If you want to take photos of the night sky, the best plan would be to check the weather in advance so that you will know if the overhead skies will be clear or cloudy.

During the day, you will see all types of wildflowers.

I also loved the pelicans roaming along the coast in search for fish.

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  • Gail Mar 8, 2016 Link

    This looks beautiful. Thanks for the info.

  • Angie May 18, 2016 Link

    I had a question…. How close are we to other campers? And do you think we would be bothered if we were playing music after 10pm?

  • Ken Chan May 18, 2016 Link

    Angie, see the section on “Peace and Quiet” from the California Dept. of Parks and Recreation website:


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