Niles Canyon Railway

A few months ago, I caught a ride aboard the Niles Canyon Railway. Finding the station was simple enough, though the location of the parking lot was far from obvious. As it turns out, a parking lot is located next to the station.

If you drive down the path alongside the railroad tracks, the lot will be on your left. But, this path looks nothing like a paved road, so I was not certain that vehicle access was even permitted until I had already parked outside, walked down to the station and then spotted the parking lot.

Nice, big locomotive, though not as friendly in appearance as Thomas the Tank Engine.

The inside of the glorious coaches. The train is totally kid-friendly with both a restroom and a snack bar. If you don’t mind sitting outside, you can sit in the open-air coach that offers unobstructed views of the surrounding canyon.

The round-trip journey from Niles to Sunol passes a rail yard, where you can spot other railcars lounging in the sidings.

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