San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco, CA

I spent a chilly New Year’s Eve at the San Francisco Zoo We were greeted by polar bears and snowmen at the entrance.

I saw a lot of free range peacock leisurely roaming around the park. This one was strutting around the reindeer pen. The reindeer must still be exhausted from their Christmas Eve deliveries because they just sat on the ground. I saw absolutely no reindeer games.

Didn’t see any lions at the Lion House. I did see two tigers circling around in their pens. The Lion House is a great place to warm up. Nice and toasty inside.

The cold weather did not bother the penguins. They were frolicking around in their pond.

This tapir was one of the more active animals. The tapir pen is next to the rhino pen. In cartoons, rhinos are often portrayed as bullies or foot soldiers, but the one we saw seemed quite docile as it busily munched away at a lunch of lettuce and celery. The missing horn also made the rhino look less intimidating.

Four dollars buys two spins around the track of the Little Puffer steam train.

The San Francisco Zoo features a lot of bronze animals just waiting for children to climb on top.

I spotted a pink color bear. I think the polar bears got dyed for the holidays.

At the South American Tropical Forest exhibit, I spotted a pair of macaws engaging in some tomfoolery.

Kangaroos! Last of the fun animal exhibits.

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