Howie’s Artisan Pizza

Whenever I want pizza, I always return to Howie’s Artisan Pizza, which is located in the Palo Alto Town & Country Village. During my last visit, I ordered the pepperoni pizza and the cherry tomato, smoked mozz’ and salami pizza, both of which are pictured below.

I’ve also enjoyed the sausage and roasted red onion pizza, sun dried tomato pesto & scallion pizza and the works during previous visits. I don’t have a favorite pizza because all of them were quite remarkable.

Previously, I was not a fan of thin crust pizza. However, this place completely changed my mind as to how a great pizza should feel and taste. The real star is the pizza crust, which is both light and tasty. I could easily enjoy several slices of pizza at one sitting without suffering from that heavy and bloated feeling that a thicker crusted pizza would present. Now, I can’t imagine pizza served any other way.

The other standout dish is the hummus and tahini appetizer, which comes with their house-made flatbread. Like the pizza crust, the flatbread is amazing. In fact, their flatbread reminds me of naan, which I can never get enough of.

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  • Mon Kei Apr 17, 2011 Link

    I agree, good stuff. The cupcakes down the row aren’t bad either.

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