2010 Expo 上海世博 Dining

Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China offers many dining options. However, because the expo grounds are so expansive, I found it difficult to plan for a meal at one of the famous restaurants featured at the expo. Instead, when a meal time arrived, I just opted for the closest dining option. This meant a cafe for lunch and Maxim’s, the Hong Kong fast food chain, for dinner.

Many of the national pavilions also offer food options. At the Portugal pavilion, I purchased some delicious portuguese egg tarts at their shop. The Belgian food court sold Belgian waffles (as expected) and French Fries with Mayonnaise. As a guest at the World Expo, I should be more open and experimental in trying out new food options, but I just ordered the French Fries and asked them to hold the mayonnaise. They were using Kraft mayonnaise and not some Belgian product, so I didn’t think I was missing too much by skipping the dipping sauce. By the Italy pavilion, a restaurant was serving pizza and gelato. I almost stopped for the gelato, but the wait was too long. I really wanted to try some of the more famous Chinese restaurants who were operating at the 2010 Expo, but I wasn’t anywhere near the China Pavilion during lunch or dinner.

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