Yamaha Piano Special Event at Costco (2010)

The Mountain View Costco hosted another Yamaha piano special event last weekend. I’ve been tracking them for a while: March 2008, April 2008, and August 2009.. Prices appear to be up from 2008, but the same as 2009.

On the floor, I saw a Yamaha Grand Piano GB15 PE 5′ 0″ listed for $8,799.00 with a $225.00 delivery fee. The Yamaha Upright Piano T118 PE (Polish Ebony) 48″ was listed for $3,699.99 with a $150.00 delivery feed. The same piano in mahogany was $3,999.99. Finally, the Yamaha Grand Piano GC1M PE 5′ 3″ was listed at $13,999.99 with a $225.00 delivery fee.

I’m not as interested in the digital pianos because I suspect that like all electronic goods, they will depreciate as the technology becomes outdated. Kind of like the way Sony LCD TVs plunged 60% in price in the last 18 months.

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  • steve the piano man Mar 23, 2010 Link

    It appears that piano prices seem to increase 1 to 2 times a year. I beleive that Labor, Materials, Shipping and the dollar exchange rate are the cause.

  • christine Mar 24, 2010 Link

    I just bought my piano from Costco Laguna Niguel. They told me that the piano was unpackaged, cleaned and tuned, then delivered. I feel like it might be a floor model. Is this usual? They sold me the U1 48 Yamaha for $7k, but I do suspect it is a floor model, inspite of them saying its new. What are your thoughts? I take delievery this Sat. Help

  • christine Mar 24, 2010 Link

    Am I getting a used piano from the Costco Roadshow if the dealer had it in stock, says it needs tuning and dusting? I question if this is new because he has inventory in stock from Costco returns? What do you suggest? also indicated on my receipt is “no returns”. This was for a U1 Yamaha $7k. Any advise is greatly apprecated. I need to accept delivery this Sat.

  • Steve the Piano MAN Apr 18, 2010 Link

    to Christine: I would suggest you investagate the serial # on the internet

  • Ken Chu Apr 25, 2010 Link

    to Christine: I bought my Yamaha GB1 through the Piano Road Show at Costco Livermore, Calif. couple years ago. The transaction was issued by Costco so I got the same return policy Costco offers as other products. Not sure why yours is not returnable. I received my piano as a brand new in a box, with professional setup for $225. As for tuning, I got 2 free tunings, but none of them happened on or before the delivery date. (btw, I was so glad that 2 free tunings were included, each tuning would have cost me $165)

    I suggest you bring your receipt to the Costco store where you got your piano and discuss your concern with them.

    Good luck!

  • Laura May 13, 2010 Link

    Thanks for posting the Costco Yamaha Roadshow prices for 2010. I was looking for a T118 and wanted to be sure I was not being over charged.

  • john May 19, 2010 Link


    I think the return policies from these events are thru the private dealers that host them. Any pianos bought at costco are sold by local piano dealers using costco as a prmotion site.

  • michael truong May 24, 2010 Link

    to Christine : I’ve been shopped for a Yamaha U1, one dealer offered me 6K, tax included, free delivery, free tuning, etc. I think your price may be a little bit high. By the way, anybody find any dealer that offers lower, please let me know. Thanks. Also, Kawai K3 is another good choice, for 4.5K you can get a new one. I’m also looking for a good used one as well. Call me at 714.623.4351 if you have one for sale.

  • keys May 26, 2010 Link

    Nope, returns are handled by costco. The transaction was processed by Costco therefore any returns or defects are handled by Costco. That’s what attracts people to make large purchases from Costco when vendors show up. The receipt and American Express charge says COSTCO not jon doe piano company.

  • joe Jul 26, 2010 Link

    I studied two days after I saw costco piano on show. I found pearl river would be one of highest performance/price ratio. Mainly I read http://www.pianoworld.com/, where people thought,
    Essex EUP123E (48.5″x26.5″x60″)> U1(48x24x60″) > K3, and Yamaha T118 (47″, made in China) is very close to U1 and better than T121(48″).
    For grand pianos, people there thought Essex EGP-155C is better than GB1 in everywhere.

  • Rusty Aug 31, 2010 Link

    I’m sorry Joe, but that’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard about pianos, and I’ve been a teacher, consumer, owner, and seller of pianos for 29 years now. I don’t doubt that some people may like Essex for the price, but there can be no doubt that both Yamaha and Kawai are far superior instruments. Essex is made by Samick to be promoted as a “Steinway type instrument” and sold by Steinway dealers so that they have a cheaper piano on their floor they can sell (since Steinways are ridiculously overpriced). Both the Yamaha U1 and the Kawai K3 are performance-quality instruments that would not be out of place in professional teachers’ homes, recording studios, and college universities.

    For those of you asking about the return situations, all returns at Costco Road Shows are handled through Costco, though those returns are only available for 3 months after delivery (not sure if their regular return policy is longer, shorter, or the same). The pianos will be new pianos, but that does not mean that they won’t have already been uncrated on a Yamaha showroom floor previously. Which likewise does not mean there’s anything to be concerned about.

    As for these prices, just so you all know, those are extremely low prices. Yamaha dealers do not like to sell these pianos at these kinds of prices, but they are willing to for the promotions sake, and it is extremely unlikely you will find better prices on new pianos. If you’ve got a Road Show that’s offering, take advantage of it, because from my experience in the business, a lot of Yamaha dealers are pulling out of these things so they won’t be available much longer – the reason is, Yamaha keeps raising their wholesale prices, but leaving the Costco prices at similar lows, which means the dealers are making less and less each time they do one. And dealers have to make a living, too.

  • Rusty Aug 31, 2010 Link

    Also, Joe, your statement : “and Yamaha T118 (47″, made in China) is very close to U1 and better than T121(48″).” goes against everything that any reasonable piano player will say. That sounds like propaganda from some Chinese-maker to me, trying to say the Chinese products are just as good as the Japanese/European/American. The T-121 is actually a superb piano, and in my opinion, is worth every-asked-penny, and is comparable to the U-1. The T-118 is a decent piano for people needing an upright, but it’s not meant for performing. No offense, but go out and talk to some real musicians about these things before posting them as “facts” on a message board.

  • Benton Sep 11, 2010 Link


    Does anyone know which location the roadshow is happening now? We saw them in Foster City a month ago but did not have a chance to go take a look.

  • Ken Chan Sep 12, 2010 Link

    Hi Benton:

    You can find a list of Special Events/Roadshows here:

    I don’t see any Yamaha piano roadshows in the Bay Area this month though.

  • Chitra Sep 20, 2010 Link

    Hi All,

    Does anyone have the Costco Pricing on CN116 – the Cable-Nelson collection from Yamaha?


  • Catvi Nov 1, 2010 Link

    Anyone do know when the next event of “Yamaha Piano” will come up at Costco? By the way, please confirm me that T118 is always made in China?

    Thanks a lots,

  • Jack Bloomfield Dec 8, 2010 Link

    First of all the T-118 is not 3699.00 anymore… let me clarify, the price changed at Costco around July or August 2010 to $4199.00… that is a FACT… also Rusty if you have been selling pianos for 29 years you should know that pearl river makes Essex not Samick.

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