10 Essential Children’s Books

Goodnight Moon

Why are there so many books about going to sleep at night? Because kids do not like going to bed at night. That’s where the timeless classic Goodnight Moon comes in. Goodnight Moon is a quaintly illustrated book about bedtime for a bunny. It offers an introduction to items found around the house, though hopefully you won’t have a young mouse scurrying around in your child’s room. It also sets a routine for your sleep defying child where you can say goodnight to everything in his or her own room and hope the child goes to sleep just like the bunny.

Brown Bear & Friends

The Brown Bear & Friends Board Book Gift Set offers children a menagerie of animals to follow around. These books teach children not only about animals, but also about colors and the sounds that animals make. I really like book sets because if your child likes one of the books, they’ll probably like them all. Then, you end up with a couple books to rotate amongst during story time.

Curious George

The Complete Adventures of Curious George features all the classic Curious George stories that many parents may have read when they were children, if they grew up in the United States. I really enjoy sharing the Curious George stories that I had once read a long time ago. You should be aware that there are more modern Curious George stories out there that are illustrated in the style of H..A. Rey. These stories are shorter and lack the plot development of the classic ones. The kids will probably not notice, only you as you long for the good old days. Again, book sets are fantastic provided that your child loves Curious George. After you are finished reading the first Curious George story, there’s another one right after that. You don’t have to search for a new book that the kid likes. Just give them more and more Curious George.

Thomas the Tank Engine

The Thomas the Tank Engine Story Collection (The Railway Series) features the classic Thomas the Tank Engine a/k/a Thomas the Train stories. If you dare to purchase this book, you will be reading Thomas the Tank Engine stories for weeks on end. For the novice parent, this book offers a semi-complete introduction to all the great engines that call the island of Sodor home. However, this collection is really male-centric, so you won’t see any female engines, like Emily, shunting trucks and hauling freight. The illustrations also come from the classic Thomas books, so the cheeky little engine will not look completely like his modern counterpart. Again, just a thing that only the adults will probably notice.

Llama Llama Red Pajama

Llama Llama Red Pajama is yet another book about going to bed. I really enjoy finding new books that are wonderfully illustrated and present an interesting and creative story line. I’ve also read Llama Llama Mad at Mama, which details an epic meltdown while shopping, something all parents eventually go through. That book also introduces children to the concept of a treat, which is essentially a bribe for good behavior.

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