Yamaha Pianos at Costco: 2009 Pricing

I spotted the Yamaha roadshow at the Mountain View Costco again last weekend. Looks like prices have gone up since 2008.


The Yamaha Mark III Grand DGB1CD PE 4′ 11″ was selling for $13,999.99. The Yamaha T118 PE 48″ was selling for $3,699.99, up from $3,499.99. I would note some inconsistency in the specifications in that the 2009 label listed the T118 as a 48″ and the 2008 label listed it as a 46″, but the Yamaha website has the T118 PE as a 47″. Finally, the Yamaha Grand Piano GB15 PE 4′ 11″ was selling for $8,799.99.

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  • steve Sep 12, 2009 Link

    It was explained to me that the inconsisitenty of the height difference was due to typo on the 46″ tag, and the differience from the website is due to fractions which were rounded up.

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