Day Out With Thomas – Roaring Camp

Day Out With Thomas offers a ride aboard Thomas the Tank Engine, as well as other fun activities. Our local Day Out With Thomas was hosted by Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton, California. Tickets were $18.00 per person (2 and older) with a $7.10 service fee if purchased in advance online. Add in a $7.00 parking fee and the total comes to $50.10 for a party of two.

The Thomas line ran on the beach train. However, it did not make the hour-long trip to Santa Cruz. Instead, Thomas traveled backwards for 15 minutes in one direction , and then reversed course and went forward along the same track.

In addition to the train ride, Day Out with Thomas offers photo opportunities with Thomas the Tank Engine and Sir Topham Hatt, as well as coloring stations, jumping houses, temporary tattoos, face painting, clowns, puppet shows, videos and more.

The line for Sir Topham Hatt’s meet and greet was a bit slow, so we didn’t make it all the way to the front of the line. The coloring station offered stamps, crayons and water colors for coloring and decorating the various coloring pages. At the tattoo station, children could pick from various Thomas themed tattoos to place on their arm or face.

Day Out With Thomas also offered various stations where your child could play with various Thomas toys. And, for those who want to take some of these toys home, Day Out with Thomas also has a Gift Shop for purchasing a whole range of Thomas memorabilia from shirts and pajamas to lunch boxes, flash lights and toys, toys and more toys. Although the train ride is short, Day Out with Thomas offers more than enough activities to keep the little ones busy for a few hours.

When we went to Day Out with Thomas, we booked the 8:30 AM ride aboard Thomas the Tank Engine. During our drive to Felton, Highway 17 was foggy at parts, but Roaring Camp itself was clear. The weather was in the mid 50s, but it didn’t feel cold at all. A light jacket was more than sufficient. As it turned out, 8:30 AM was the perfect time because we scored a great parking spot up front and the park was not crowded even after the conclusion of our train ride. The junior engineer was able to participate in a number of activities without having to wait in line (except for visiting Sir Topham Hatt). By around 10 AM, the clouds finally cleared, the place started to heat up, and the crowds flooded in. So, if you are looking to visit Day Out with Thomas at Roaring Camp, consider the early morning ride. The Weather Channel has an awesome hour-by-hour weather forecast, which is quite useful when deciding when to schedule your ride. Also, the ride along Highway 17 was clear in the early morning out to Felton; however, 17 slows down considerably as the day progresses. When we left around noon, we could see the traffic slow down in the westbound direction towards Santa Cruz.

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