iPhone 3G is Everything That I Wanted…

Last year. If I didn’t already have an iPhone, I would be heading to the Apple store this Friday to grab an iPhone 3G. However, since I already have one, the excitement level isn’t quite there. Of course, that’s what I said last year until I caved in and bought the greatest cell phone ever.

The two big features of the iPhone 3G are GPS and 3G speeds. Ordinarily, GPS would be a compelling upgrade. However, since the iPhone 1.0 can already vaguely identify my location by triangulating Wi-Fi signals, I will not by plunking down another $200 for GPS. As for 3G speeds, paying an extra $10/month is worth it for 3G speeds. Paying an extra $200 plus $10/month is an iffy proposition. So that’s how I see it a week before the iPhone 3G launch. If all goes well, I will treat the iPhone as a computer and upgrade in 3-4 years. What I will be doing this Friday is upgrading to the iPhone 2.0 software. Can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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