Baron Davis and the Los Angeles Clippers

The Associated Press reports that “Baron Davis is on his way home.” If he does sign with the Clippers, I guess that he is technically returning home to Los Angeles. However, has anyone from Southern California ever dreamed about playing for the Clippers while growing up? Seriously, the Los Angeles Lakers are the home team. In some way, this reminds me of the weird flirtation that Kobe Bryant had with the Clippers a few years back. I won’t believe this one until the deal is signed.

The article also referred to the Clippers as “Golden State’s Pacific Division rivals.” Again, a poor choice of words. Sure, these two teams may both be in the Pacific Division, but the Warriors and Clippers have mostly been rivals for last place in the division. The Lakers-Celtics rivalry this is not. The Clippers have never finished on top of the Pacific Division. Ever. The last time the Golden State Warriors stood above the Pacific Division was the 1975-1976 season 32 years ago.

Leave it to Wikipedia to provide this piece of trivia. The owners of the Braves (now known as the Clippers) and Celtics traded franchises before the 1978-1979 season. Both franchises have changed hands since then, but the Celtics have finished above their Division 12 times since then and have won the NBA Finals 4 times. We all know the Clippers fate.

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