Costco Roadshow: Yamaha Pianos

Big fan of Costco. Occasionally, the local Costco will stage a roadshow featuring some interesting product. If I don’t buy that very day, I sometimes have to find another local Costco (but further away) that will be hosting the same roadshow. It always takes me a few minutes to track down the roadshow calendar through Google. On the Costco website, roadshows are called Special Events. Pick a region to see what is coming to your local store.

I’m passively looking for a piano and spotted a Yamaha roadshow recently. Here’s the model numbers and pricing. The model numbers are indecipherable. Can someone really explain the difference between all the models in a 30 second pitch? Not sure. Had to jot everything down and look them up on the Yamaha website.

Yamaha CLP 220 1,199.99
Yamaha CLP 240M 2,150.99
Yamaha GB1 PE 7,790.99
Yamaha 48 U1 PE 6,999.99
Yamaha 48 T121 PE 5,899.99
Yamaha 46 T118 PE 3,499.99
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  • Ajit Sep 4, 2009 Link

    Just Purchased T118 Polished Mahagony for $3999.99 at a Costco road show in Orange County CA. With tax and delivery it cost $4500.00 (The Black was avilable for $3699.99 + Tax + Delivery). I am sure one can beat this price however you will not get Costco’s service and return policy.

    I have both my kids ages 6 and 7 just start music. We first pruchased a electronic piano for half the price but changed our mind. The Upright Yamaha on the long haul will retain its value and can be handed down to the next genaration.
    Enjoy the sounds it make and some day the music.


  • Christy Jan 20, 2010 Link

    I am desperately confused about what to do. After I haggled, I got a quote for $3500 for the T118 (not including tax, shipping) and $5200 (not including tax, shipping) for a U1 that is 1.5 years used (by a college).

    What should I do?

    Very confused in Chicago

  • Jayanta Samanta Feb 13, 2010 Link

    I just came to this site after an year.. Sorry for beign late in responding to your questions on my Piano buy exp…

    I bought it from PianoPLUS in Castrovalley area.. Vey nice dealer.. I still see them in Costco ocaasionally, they remember me still.. It was a 3 hours of burgain price. On a nice Saturday. I was the last buyer on that day…..

    Great buying exp. U1 sounds great. You can buy Piano from them without fear…. Very high Quality piano stock….

    Late reply but Hope this was helpful..

  • Gaurav Mar 10, 2010 Link

    I am shopping for a Yamaha GC1 and the Costco roadshow is in St Louis. They had the polished ebony @14,699 but I liked the Polished Mahogany better and they won’t sell that at Costco. The local dealership agreed to honor the Costco price @14,699 and asked for an extra $1000 for the Polished Mahogany. Delivery charge of $275. I have asked him to give the Polished Mahogany at the same price $14,699 and am thinking of asking him for free delivery. Will that be a good deal – not sure. I also like the slow fall on the fall board and trying to see if he can order one for me with that…any comments on the price or the mdoel itself vs the GB1.

  • Ken Chan Mar 10, 2010 Link

    I guess every Yamaha / Costco roadshow operates differently. At the one I attended, the salesperson was willing to sell any Yamaha piano, not just the models on display. I could pick my finish and options. I also know that the polished mahogany lists for more than the polished ebony. Here’s a link to the latest prices I’ve seen:

  • steve the piano man Mar 24, 2010 Link

    The Gb1 is an old model. The GB1k comes with the slow close fallboard

  • Steve Apr 12, 2010 Link

    I know that the roadshow at costco gets paid at least 10% to costco for using the facility, why not go to the dealer directly and save the 10%. They will sell you the U-1 for alot less than at a costco. Do not reveal that your were at the costco because they (the dealership) get in trouble if they send you to the store to save money.

  • Tanya Apr 12, 2010 Link

    I like the sound, feel and quality better in the Kawai K-3 and the GM-12 over the U-1 and the GC-1b BTW (Made In China). Yamaha is brighter. I found the dealers that sell Kawai pianos do a better job of explaining the differences in pianos than do the Yamaha dealers.

    Yamaha dealers are kind of order takers. Yamaha is very commercial! Costco proves this!
    Go the the Dealer in San Jose that sells Kawai pianos, I can’t remember the name I think is is ‘kawai factory store’ on Winchester. The sales team there will beat the price of yamaha and be in business longer (as they have been) to serve your future piano needs

  • Ada Dec 1, 2010 Link

    kawai gm12 verse yamaha gb1k
    which one should i choose? any advise please

  • David Apr 23, 2011 Link

    I feel much better buying from a real piano store that know what they are talking about. I like Costco, but I would go to a store like Keyboard Concepts. Better selection to choose from.

  • Tim Nguyen May 30, 2011 Link

    The informations above are helpful… because I’m looking and pricing for Yamaha Piano model T118 . Thank you!

  • ken woodrow Sep 4, 2011 Link

    What the heck, why not buy a piano at Sears, because they stopped selling them because the sales people did not know squat about pianos and could not answer the thousands of questions you have for a quality informative discussion about the qualitites and pricing of pianos.
    Go to a Dealer that sell pianos not a road show where costco collects 10 to 15% of the selling price. It is a rip off!

  • ken woodrow Sep 4, 2011 Link

    One more thing, most of the pianos sold at costco are not the top quality pianos by yamaha but the least expensive chinese made yamaha pianos, like the U-1 and the P-22 and the GB-1 and more.

  • Ken Chan Sep 5, 2011 Link

    @ ken woodrow – while the road show only displays a limited number of pianos, I think you can see the pricing for and buy other Yamaha models.

    I am not fond of the buying experience through a dealer, where pricing can be a bit opaque. I prefer seeing a price list up front and figuring out which product I want to buy, not a forced conversation through a salesman where I have to ask how much this piano costs, then how much that piano costs.

  • Vincent Chambers Mar 15, 2015 Link

    So much of this information is incorrect, I don’t know where to start.

    No all models are available at Costco, the venerable U1 among them. In our store we no longer carry the U1 except in TransAcoustic or Satin finish with Silent system. The base model has become a commodity.
    Costco is great for dealers, although we do make less. Remember, we are Costco members too!!!

    The available pianos are not limited to what’s on the floor, but what’s part of the Yamaha/Costco agreement. The salesmen usually have that list with them.

    Also, technically, a member receives new product in 4-6 weeks; the pianos on the floor are owned by the dealer but are floor demos. If we don’t sell them within 18 months, we sell them at a demo sale. Cheaper than Costco, but the finishes aren’t perfect unless you pay for a detailed package. However, they ar wbroken in, sound better, and require less tuning than a brand new one.

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