Blame China Chinese-Made Cribs Recalled After Three Children Die. The maker of Graco and Simplicity cribs recalled 1 million Chinese-made cribs after three children died.

Another China scandal right? Or so the headlines would lead you to believe. However, if you delve deeper into the news story, it reports that “[t]he problem with the recalled cribs was caused in part by design flaws.” I’m guessing that the design work was the crib was done in America, not China. Why mention that the cribs were Chinese-made? It fits into the current hysteria around shoddily-manufactured Chinese goods.

That’s not reporting. That’s propaganda. American-Designed Cribs Recalled After Three Children Die should have been the headline.

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  • Sharro Oct 4, 2007 Link

    The headline is misleading and this is the way media creates a bad image of China.

  • Frederic Nov 16, 2007 Link

    Who’s to blame? that is the question …
    But the only thing I am sure of is : nobody is completely innocent (except, probably, for the kid/baby).

    And so if there is a campaign ‘against China’ … who would benefit from that ? no-one …
    China is the factory, point.

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