Unrequited Love

aimpagesinvite.jpgOur feelings were never mutual. The first time I received your unsolicited IM, I politely clicked “Decline.” I was just being sensitive and didn’t want to hurt your feelings. But, you didn’t get the message. Perhaps, you were coached by some marketer to show some perseverance. Surely, I would come around. But, I didn’t. However, your invitations still came…and were left unanswered. Then, I tried to “Block” you. But, you had no clue. You ignored my “Block.” Perhaps, if you tried harder, you must have thought. You did not realize that your insistence was what drove me further away. Now, I have grown to detest AIM Pages, even though I have never given it a try, just because of you aimpagesinvite. If you had respected my initial request instead of repeatedly stalking me and sending unsolicited messages, we would not have come to this stage. How many more times will I have to “Decline” or “Block” you before you realize that there is no future between us?

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