Ancient Chinese Bar Stools

costco-chairs.jpgAs if seeing Chinese furniture at Target wasn’t enough, i head to Costco and find the same. However, they were passing these off as bar stools. I’m sure that’s not what these types of chairs are called in China though. Where next? Crate and Barrel?

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  • Alex Apr 13, 2007 Link

    If you are looking for some nice bar stools, try They have some really cool retro furniture!

  • Bob - 36 Bar Stools Aug 10, 2010 Link

    Hi, I have a site about bar stools. I don’t know about the “bar” part, but where those in the picture don’t have backs, they would at least technically be considered stools. 🙂

    I wrote an article about the history of stools and ancient China is thought to be the oldest known place where we know that stools existed.

  • lorie Sep 20, 2010 Link

    i just came into 2 stools. it is said that they are 150yrs old. the actual name for them is “nice stools” lol wonder what u sit on if ur bad lol

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